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This is a remake of a Polish military tent. We use the same stamp that came with the tent, so this is a one-of-a-kind item.

[G] is the sound of a zipper
is the length of the zipper
[PIL] is a pill case
Pill case made sturdy with JETMINMIN specs

This pouch is convenient for storing small items such as medicine and coins.

Size: width 10.5cm x height 11cm
Weight: Approx. 18g
2,000 yen + TAX

*Size may vary slightly.
Designed & Handcrafted by JETTT&MINMIN

*In-stock items: Ships in 3-4 days

instagram-> #POUCH_G10

JETMINMIN pouch page

*All products are aged slightly by washing them together with other items. There may be wrinkles, a taut feel, dirt, or stains overall.
*Since the items are sewn by JETMINMIN themselves, there may be slight differences in shape and dimensions depending on the item.
*Please put it in the net when washing.

For products made of military materials, wash the material once to remove as much dirt as possible due to aging, then cut and sew the product.The finished product is then washed again and air-dried to blend in and add any scratches. We deliver what we have. Shrinkage of the material, wrinkles from washing, stains that cannot be removed by washing, repair marks, graffiti, etc. may make you feel like ``even though it's new, it's wrinkled and looks like a used item.'' The wrinkles will naturally stretch out and blend in as you use it. Thank you for your understanding.
To be environmentally friendly, the clothes are washed with a small amount of laundry soap and dried naturally without using fabric softeners.

No matter how sturdy it is, the fabric may wear out after long-term use, or it may tear or become unusable due to a pet playing with it or getting caught somewhere. We offer a paid repair service for cloth products so that you can use them for as long as possible while you like them. Please send us an image of the damaged part via email and we will give you a quote for repair. (Some products may be excluded/rejected depending on the degree of damage or if the fabric has exceeded its lifespan)

Cloth items require washing. Dirt that is usually not a concern absorbs sweat and moisture, causing bacteria to grow and have a negative impact on the fibers. The weakened fabric is more likely to tear or puncture if rubbed or caught somewhere. In order to continue using the product for as long as possible, it is important to wash it regularly and rotate some items so that you do not keep using the same product every day.
All JETMINMIN fabric products can be washed at home. When washing, use laundry detergent and wash by hand, or if using a washing machine, place in a laundry net and rinse thoroughly. Once the fabric smells, it is difficult to remove it, so avoid using scented fabric softeners. Please be sure to use cold or lukewarm water as using hot water or a dryer may cause the fabric to shrink. *Color may transfer, so please wash with similar colored items or separately from other items.