"I want something like XX."

At JETMINMIN, for those who are not good at online shopping or cannot find the product that suits their needs, Minmin will help you with your shopping via Instagram DM, LINE , or email .
We will ask you about your preferences, suggest recommended items, and exchange images to decide on the product. For those paying by card, we will prepare a special form so that you can make the final payment online, and for those paying by bank transfer, we will inform you of the bank details.
We are constantly updating our methods so that you can shop with peace of mind when interacting with Minmin, just as if you were shopping in a store.
We would like to do our best to make your shopping experience more enjoyable, so even if you are tired of shopping without any conversation, please feel free to use our service.

This service starts when you send us a DM on Instagram, LINE, or email saying, "I'd like something like XX."
Definitely please!!!

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