How to use and care for JETMINMIN products

<Fabric products>

Fabric products need to be washed. Dirt that is not noticeable on a regular basis can absorb sweat and moisture, causing bacteria to grow and adversely affecting the fibers. Weakened fabric can easily tear or develop holes when rubbed or caught on something. In order to keep using your products for as long as possible, it is important to wash them regularly and to rotate several products so that you do not use the same one every day.
All JETMINMIN fabric products can be washed at home. When washing, use laundry detergent and wash by hand or in a washing machine, place in a net and rinse thoroughly. Please avoid using scented fabric softeners as it is difficult to remove odors once they have been absorbed into the fabric. Using hot water or a dryer can cause the fabric to shrink, so be sure to use water or lukewarm water.
*Color transfer may occur, so wash with similar colors or separately from other items.

*If the product has an internal laundry loop, please use the loop to hang it to dry after washing.

No matter how sturdy an item is, the fabric can wear out over time, or can tear or develop holes due to pets playing with it or getting caught on something, making it unusable. We offer a paid repair service for fabric products so that you can use them for as long as possible while you still like them. If you send us a picture of the damaged area by email , we will provide you with a repair estimate. (Some products are excluded/we may decline your order depending on the extent of the damage or if the fabric has exceeded its lifespan. JETTT, who sews tote bags, has a severe chemical smell allergy (sensitivity to chemical fragrances). The smell of fabric softener etc. causes anaphylactic symptoms such as palpitations, difficulty breathing and joint pain. We are very sorry, but we cannot repair bags that have been used with fabric softener even once .
*JETMINMINGNZ. also accepts rubber replacement requests.

*When using denim products, please be especially careful to avoid color transfer and fading.

<Vinyl products>

Do not wash in a washing machine. If it gets dirty, wipe with water or wash lightly with a mild detergent. Do not wash the brand tag as the print will come off. This product does not have a repair service, but the rubber can be replaced. Please contact us by email .
*If you are concerned about creases in the FOLLOW series, dry it in the sun.

<Printed products>
Products with stencil printing or spray printing

Please be careful when using this product as the ink may adhere to clothing due to friction. If you leave the product in a hot car or other high temperature location, the ink may stick to your clothes due to heat.