*On weekends during the Lake Hamana Flora Expo (until June 2nd at Lake Hamana Garden Park), roads around Lake Hamana Garden Park will be congested, so we recommend coming from the Hamayu Bridge, which is open to the public for free, or from the north of Tateyamadera.

There is a small direct sales store at JETMINMINCASTLE, where JETMINMIN lives and works.
There, samples of almost all of our regular items are available, and you can either purchase the actual items or look at the samples and choose the fabric to order. By accepting a variety of orders that are possible only because we are a handmade company, such as choosing the actual remade material, changing the size or strap length, or consulting about printing, we hope to experiment with creating more personal products.
We also sell samples of discontinued products and (embarrassing as it may be) items that were slightly flawed during production and ended up being B-grade products at outlet prices.
We also have rare items. We love experiments, and have tried all kinds of experiments we can think of (although some are complete failures and we throw them away), and we also sell rare items that worked well but cannot be made into regular products, at a set price.
We also sell ukuleles from " TITI ", a company that restores old ukuleles.
Everyone, please feel free to come.

On Saturdays, we are open from 9am to noon and 1pm to 5pm. No appointment is necessary on Saturdays.

We are generally closed on Sundays.

Weekdays are by appointment only. Same day reservations are also possible depending on the time of day.
On weekdays, please make an appointment in advance by phone, Instagram comment, DM, or LINE.

We will also start offering online customer service with reservations via LINE.

Generally, we are closed on Sundays. We also take a lunch break from noon to 1pm. We open at 9am in the morning and close around 5pm in the evening.

There is also a LINE point system where you can get 1 point for each visit and 10% off for 3 points, so please make good use of that too. (You can get points even if you don't buy anything.)

We look forward to seeing you there.


3712 Murakushicho, Chuo Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Tel. 053-488-0766

Saturday: Open 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00
Weekdays: Appointment required

Sunday: Closed

*Regarding weekday appointments.
It opens at 9am in the morning and closes at 5pm in the evening.
There will be a lunch break from noon to 1pm.
Please contact us by phone (053-488-0766), Instagram comment or DM, or LINE by the day before your visit. If you do not receive a reply by the day, please contact us by phone.

Reservations for the same day are possible if JETMINMIN is not there. Please contact us by phone or LINE.

We also offer a reservation-based online video call service via LINE . Please make your reservation via LINE.

* There is parking space for 2 cars.

*During the Hamana Lake Flower Expo 2024 , traffic congestion is expected on the route from the south from March 23rd to June 16th, so we recommend coming from the north. During the Expo, the Hamayu Bridge will be open to the public free of charge.

*credit card
 VISA, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, JCB, Diners Club, DISCOVER

If coming from the direction of Yuto in Hamamatsu city, turn right at the next T-junction after Garden Park, continue along the waterway, cross the first bridge and turn right immediately, head towards Xess Hamanako, there will be a shrine on your left and just past the park turn left, cross a small bridge and turn left immediately, it will be on your right after the right curve.

*On sunny days, the bridge from Yuto to Lake Hamana can be congested. This mainly occurs from downtown Hamamatsu in the morning to downtown Hamamatsu in the evening. In that case, we recommend taking the Hamayu Bridge from the north (usually
200 yen, but free from March 23rd to June 16th during the Lake Hamana Flower Expo) or the route through Tateyamadera to avoid the traffic jams.

■ Automobiles
The roads around JETMINMINCASTLE are narrow, so we recommend approaching from the east side of the park.

・ Approximately 13 minutes from the Tateyamadera Smart IC on the Tomei Expressway (ETC only)
・ Approximately 25 minutes from Hamamatsu Nishi IC on the Tomei Expressway, via Hamayu Ohashi Bridge (toll fee) ・ Approximately 30 minutes from Hamamatsu Nishi IC on the Tomei Expressway, via Hamamatsu Loop Line, Shitoro ・ Approximately 15 minutes from Tsuboi IC on the Hamana Bypass ・ Approximately 15 minutes from Arai Benten IC on the Hamana Bypass ・ Approximately 40 minutes from Hamamatsu Station ■ Bus Murakushi bus stop ・ From Hamamatsu Station, take bus number 1, "30 Tateyamaji Onsen, Murakushi bound" for 60 minutes, 1 to 2 buses per hour, 690 yen
■Others: Take a taxi from JR Tokaido Line [Bentenjima Station]. About 5.9km. About 8 minutes.
There are often no taxis at stations, so it's best to book one just before your train arrives.
Entetsu Taxi: 053-412-7777
- Rent a bicycle from JR Tokaido Line [Bentenjima Station].
(Cycling around Lake Hamana is pleasant when the weather is nice. It can be difficult on windy days.)
・Rent a car from Hamamatsu Station. About 40 minutes.
(There are other tourist spots in the Lake Hamana area, such as Tateyama-ji Temple and Bentenjima, so you can go there as well.)

Lake Hamana Garden Park is nearby. ( Lake Hamana Flower Expo 2024 is being held from April 6th to June 2nd.)
Lake Hamana Garden Park