Introducing POIRE

This one-shoulder tote " POIRE ", which has the image of a frizzy pear, is also one of our masterpieces, along with " BALLOOON! ".
The size is " POIRE " on the right of the photo, which is slightly smaller. There are two types of " POIRE-MINI " on the left of the photo.
There is an outside pocket in a place that is easily accessible with the right hand when worn on the shoulder so that the carabiner loop can be grasped, and a left side use option is also available for those who use it on their left shoulder.
There are two inside pockets.
There is a buckle inside, so you can change the shape depending on your mood that day, such as a pursed-mouth silhouette as shown in the photo, or an open tote-like silhouette.
The characteristic of this tote is that it has a loose feel when only one side of the strap is hung over the shoulder, and a tote bag that is carried over the shoulder.

" POIRE " JPY24000+TAX


There is also " FIG " with a simple handle.


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