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A tribute to the Queen of Punk, Vivienne Westwood, who passed away at the end of last year.
The tote bag itself is made to the bare minimum. Since the lips are left cut, they may easily fall apart, but I decided that this was the best way to express the fragility of punk, so I left them as they are.
Punk may have become a culture that has no value, but I want to preserve the culture of saying things clearly.

A useful size Vivian with a lip width of 35cm has been completed.
THE-VIVIENNE-35 can hold not only your wallet, smartphone, and eco bag, but also your child's T-shirt and hat.
It might be perfect for moms who have to use diapers.

Size: Width 35cm x Height 21cm, Bottom width 22.5cm x Depth 13.5cm
handle: Short handle 22cm (for bag) (the part that sticks out at the top)

Weight: Approx. 153g
4,500 yen + TAX

*In-stock items: Ships in 3-4 days

*Size may vary slightly.
*Male model JETTT height 180cm

Designed & Handcrafted by JETTT & MINMIN


THE-VIVIENNE series page

A slightly waterproof tote made from vinyl tent material.
Vinyl tent material is resistant to water and stains.
We used this to create a gusset on the bottom using a seamless manufacturing method to create a tote bag with a gusset that can be used on dirty surfaces such as campgrounds, on snowy mountains, and at the beach. However, there is some water ingress through the side seams, so we call it "slightly waterproof."

It is produced by JETMINMIN with tent materials supplied by Terada Shokai in Aichi. A waterproof and durable fabric used for factory roofs, shop awnings, truck hoods, etc.

ATTENTION! This product cannot be washed in a washing machine. If it gets dirty, wipe it with water or wash it lightly with water. Repair service is not available for this product.

*Since the items are sewn by JETMINMIN themselves, there may be slight differences in shape and dimensions depending on the item.
*If the thread comes out from the uncut part of the fabric, please cut the thread with scissors before use.