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NARROW-BALLOOON! has been redesigned for 2023. It is now lighter, made entirely from No. 11 canvas. NARROW-BALLOOON! is a simple tote bag that is a narrower version of BALLOOON!.

Can hold a lot of play equipment Width 66cm “NARROW-BALLOOON!-65”.
A4 size fits sideways This convenient tote has just the right size pockets, one on the outside and three on the inside. It can be washed in the washing machine, so it's okay for outdoor use. It's simple and ordinary, and you won't get tired of it even if you carry it every day, and no one will notice. This is the most useful tote.

Size: Width 67cm x Height 41cm, Base 39cm x 26cm, Outer pocket width 18cm x height 20cm, 1 inner pocket width 19cm x height 23cm, 2 inner pockets width 22cm x height 23cm
Handle: Short 35 cm / Middle 45 cm / Long 55 cm
Weight: Approx. 596g (long handle)
Pockets: 1 outside and 3 inside
24,000 yen + tax

*Made-to-order products: Delivery time is about 2 weeks (the current approximate delivery time is displayed at the bottom of the screen)
JETMINMIN products are manufactured by JETMINMIN themselves after receiving your order, so it takes time for delivery. If you have a preferred delivery date, please contact us before placing your order.
*There may be some slight errors in size and weight.
*Female model 153cm / Male model 183cm
Designed & Handcrafted by JETMINMIN


65cm width bag page

*Right-handed or left-handed: If you usually carry it on your right shoulder and under your right arm or in your right hand, choose 'right-handed'. If you usually carry it on your left shoulder and under your left arm or in your left hand, choose 'left-handed'.

*Handle lengths are available in three lengths: "SHORT" 35cm for hand carrying, "MIDDLE" 45cm for armrest use so slimmer people can carry it over the shoulder, and "LONG" 55cm for shoulder carrying.

From 2024, the brand name will be on the top right of the front. (Top left for left-handed users)

*The handle can be cut to your desired length within the range of 30cm to 65cm. Please allow for some variation. If you have a preference, please let us know in the comments section when placing your order.
*All products are slightly aged by washing the finished product with other items. There may be wrinkles, creases, light dirt, or stains all over the product.
*Since JETMINMIN sews the items themselves, there may be slight differences in shape and dimensions depending on the item.
*Product specifications may be changed without notice for improvement purposes.
*Please put it in a laundry net when washing.

The shape of the sample image includes other sizes and shapes. Please check the main image for the product shape.

Japanese Cotton Canvas No. 11

Japanese Cotton Canvas No. 11 It is produced by.

Japanese Cotton Canvas No. 11 It is produced by.

Japanese Cotton Canvas No. 11 It is produced by.

Japanese Cotton Canvas No. 11 It is produced by.

For products made from canvas, the canvas fabric is washed once and allowed to shrink naturally before being cut and sewn. The finished product is then washed again and air-dried to give it an overall blend and add creases before being delivered.
Due to shrinkage of the material and washing creases, you may feel that "it's brand new but wrinkled and looks like a used item." Wrinkles will naturally disappear and become familiar as you use it. Thank you for your understanding.
In order to be environmentally friendly, we do not use fabric softeners, but instead wash with a small amount of laundry soap and air dry.


No matter how sturdy an item is, the fabric can wear out over time, or can tear or develop holes due to pets playing with it or getting caught on something, making it unusable. We offer a paid repair service for fabric products so that you can use them for as long as possible while you still like them. If you send us a picture of the damaged area by email, we will provide you with a repair estimate. (Some products are excluded/we may decline your order depending on the extent of the damage or if the fabric has exceeded its lifespan)

Fabric products need to be washed. Dirt that is not noticeable on a regular basis can absorb sweat and moisture, causing bacteria to grow and adversely affecting the fibers. Weakened fabric can easily tear or develop holes when rubbed or caught on something. In order to keep using your products for as long as possible, it is important to wash them regularly and to rotate several products so that you do not use the same one every day.
All JETMINMIN fabric products can be washed at home. When washing, use laundry detergent and wash by hand or in a washing machine with a net and rinse thoroughly. Once the fabric has a smell, it is difficult to remove, so please avoid using scented fabric softeners. Using hot water or a dryer may cause the fabric to shrink, so please use water or lukewarm water. *Color transfer may occur, so please wash with similar colors or separately from other items.