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Standard size "STD" with a width of 49cm.
A slightly waterproof tote bag that is very convenient to have around, such as putting a change of clothes and water bottle in it when you go to the pool, gym, or hot spring, or folding it up and putting it in your bag and using it as an eco bag at the supermarket.

Size: Bottom 30cm x 19cm x Height 31cm, Width 49cm
Handle: Short handle 28cm
Weight: 110g
4,500 yen + TAX

*Size may vary slightly.
Designed & Handcrafted by JETTT & MINMIN

*In-stock items: Ships in 3-4 days

DART->STD details page for made-to-order production

DART->Series page

instagram → #TOTE_DART

In-stock item page

The length of the handle is SHORT28cm for handheld use.

A lightweight, foldable, slightly waterproof tote bag made from tarpy sheet (commonly known as blue sheet).
Tarpy sheets are resistant to water and dirt, so they are used to protect construction sites and protect from rain during disasters.

We used this to create a gusset on the bottom using a seamless manufacturing method to create a tote bag with a gusset that can be used on dirty surfaces such as campgrounds, on snowy mountains, and at the beach. However, there is some water ingress through the side seams, so we call it "slightly waterproof."

The elastic cord attached to the loop is convenient when folding. This will greatly expand its uses, from camping, going to the beach, and snowy mountains, to shopping at the supermarket or seafood as an eco-bag, to going out on rainy days or filming...you may not need another tote anymore.

When you put a lot of luggage in the bag, you can hook the folding elastic to the button on top of the tag to prevent it from opening. The buttons were attached to Polish military tents, so the colors may vary depending on the item.

The square white tag attached to DART-> and FOLLOW can be removed.
How to remove → https://www.instagram.com/p/CSfxC95lnMF/

Due to the characteristics of the material, the area around the seams may crack or the underlying color of the material may appear due to friction from use. Also, since it is an industrial material, there may be dirt mixed into the fabric from the beginning or there may be scratches or stains. Light colors may be noticeable. This is a range that does not hinder use. Please note.

This product cannot be washed in a washing machine. If it gets dirty, wipe it with water or wash it lightly with water.

We do not provide repair service for this product, so if it is torn, please repair it by applying Blue Sheet repair tape sold at home centers.

*Since the items are sewn by JETMINMIN themselves, there may be slight differences in shape and dimensions depending on the item.

How to fold (the image is STD)