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Kamikami is a refill type (soft pack) cover for full-size tissues for home use.
Actually, I wish I could live without using tissue paper, but it's actually a bit impossible. However, paper boxed tissues are wasteful and wasteful, so we JETMINMIN decided to support refillable tissues.

Size: 25cm x 15cm
Weight: about 37g
2,500 yen + tax

*There are some errors in size.
Designed & Handcrafted by JETTT&MINMIN


Not for use with boxed tissues.

This page is a made-to-order product. It takes time to deliver. Click here for in-stock items for immediate delivery.

If you order only KAMIKAMI, it is possible to ship by Yamato Transport DM flight (160 yen). There is no guarantee and it will be mailed by post. Please let us know in the remarks column when ordering. Change the total amount after ordering.

*Delivery time for made-to-order products is about 2 weeks or more (the current approximate delivery date is listed at the bottom of the screen). After receiving an order, JETMINMIN manufactures it himself, so it takes time to deliver. If you have a desired delivery date, please contact us before ordering.
* All products are slightly aged by washing the finished product with other items. Overall, there may be wrinkles, kuttu feeling, thin stains and stains.
*The condition, color, and ease of handling of the remade fabrics of the military of each country differ depending on the fabric. In the case of camouflage patterns, the pattern is different depending on the item.
*Because JETMINMIN sews it himself, there may be slight differences in shape and dimensions depending on the item.
*Product specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.
*Please put it in the net when washing.

* Other products are mixed in the sample image. Please refer to the main image for the shape. *The colors and patterns of military fabrics and remakes of judo uniforms differ depending on the item.

French army mattress cover/fabric mixed with hemp

italian army bedspread

Italian military bedspread inside out

Swedish army bedspread / thin cotton fabric

Hamamatsu Canbus No. 11 from Fukuda, Shizuoka Prefecture

Italian Army Deadstock Jeans Fabric


Local Hamamatsu black gingham check woven cotton 100% fabric / thin fabric)

It is a thin cloth with a 4cm pitch fishing line from Enshu Fukuda.

Compatible tissues: about W200mm x D105mm x H400mm. 300 sheets (150 pairs)
<Example: 5 packs of 300 tissue papers (150 sets) without the ion outer box H205mm x W195mm>
You can also use the kitchen paper below.
<Example: Kitchen paper folded into an AEON compact 100 sets of 3 packs>

This series is
Placement type [ KAMIKAMI ],
[ KAKEKAMIKAMI ] with loop for wall hanging,
With zipper [ AKEKAMIKAMI ],
[ AKEKAKEKAMIKAMI ] with fastener and wall hanging loop ,
Pocket tissue cover [ KAMIKAMINI ]
there is.

For products made of canvas material, the canvas fabric is washed once, allowed to shrink naturally, then cut and sewn, and then the finished product is washed again and dried naturally to allow it to blend in and give it a bite before delivery. doing.
The shrinkage of the material and wrinkles from washing may make you feel that even though it's brand new, it's wrinkled and looks like a used item. Wrinkles naturally stretch and become familiar with the process of use. Thank you for your understanding.
In consideration of the environment, we wash with a small amount of laundry soap and dry naturally without using fabric softener.

No matter how sturdy it is made, the fabric may wear out after long-term use, or it may become unusable due to tears or holes caused by pets playing with it or getting it hooked on something. We offer a paid repair service for fabric products so that you can use them as long as you like them. If you can send us an image of the damaged part by e-mail, we will give you an estimate for the repair. (Some items are excluded/We may refuse to accept the item depending on the degree of damage or if the fabric has exceeded its lifespan.)

Fabric items require washing. Dirt that you don't normally care about absorbs sweat and moisture, causing bacteria to grow and adversely affect the fibers. If the weakened fabric is rubbed or caught on something, it is more likely to be torn or punctured. In order to keep using the product as long as possible, it is important to wash regularly and not to use the same product every day, such as rotating some.
All JETMINMIN fabric products can be washed at home. When washing, please use laundry detergent and hand wash, or put it in a net for washing machines and rinse thoroughly. Avoid using fabric softeners with scents, as once the fabric has an odor, it is difficult to remove. The use of hot water or a dryer will cause the fabric to shrink, so be sure to use cold or lukewarm water. *Color may transfer, so please wash with similar colors or wash separately.