Item introduction comment is cool!?

Do you think JETMINMIN 's item introduction is cool?

I think we are cool too.

The reason is simple: we are confident about our products.

We don't create products based on a model, we don't imitate popular hits, and we don't create copies of brands we admire.

We always spend a lot of time in the process of conceiving, drafting , and planning, and while there are things that we forget , there are things that remain as challenges, so we started designing from handwritten sketches, and JETTT and MINMIN . We made a paper pattern only for those who gave the GO sign, made a prototype, repeated examinations, remade the paper pattern many times, made many prototypes, and finally completed it . In the eyes of people, there is no longer any room for improvement, there is not a single flaw, and only items that are perfect for JETMINMIN will be announced as " new works . "

All items that have been created to the point where they can be photographed are all 100 points for us💯

It would be disrespectful to the items if I didn't add a cool comment and introduce them with confidence.

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