These are flyers from when we were still a design production company called StudioStudio. Yellow is 2002, blue is 2003, white is 2004. At the time we created Yellow Flyer in 2002, JetMinMin was a fictitious rock band.

I suddenly received a call from the owner of a live bar who saw this flyer and asked if I could perform at his place.

We told them that Flyer was a fake band and couldn't really perform in front of people, but they asked us to just do four songs.

We quickly gathered the members and practiced the song... The four of us, Minmin on vocals, Jet on bass, Lucci in charge of percussion and sound effects, and Mats on the noisy guitar, made songs such as floating arrangements of early punk, and arrangements of Thunderbirds. My first live show was with a band called JETMINMIN AND THE THUNDERBIRDS, and I think they opened for Dixie Dozer Emmons.

They were a shitty band that was hard to save. I also opened for Michiro Endo.

Just like that,

People who know us from JETMINMIN, a recent tote bag store, know that we upload original songs that don't make sense, play with musical instruments, make strange T-shirts, and make strange placards. You may be frowning when you see someone holding up a

JETMINMIN was originally a punk band. Although the two support members are no longer there, JETTT and MINMIN are still continuing their activities as THE MINMINJET⇨ .

Even after 20 years, it's still a mess that's hard to save. 🤙

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