We will be holding a pop-up store for JETMINMIN tote bags and new jeans.

This time, the tote bag is a thorough brush-up of existing items. The flagship tote "BALLOOON!" has been updated with new fabrics and new sizes. The folding eco bag "MARKET" has been redesigned with new fabric and a handle made by the British military. All sizes of the vinyl tote "FOLLOW" have been revised, and in addition to variations in lip width in 5cm increments, a convenient key loop is included as standard. A completely new tote has also been added, making it even more powerful.

As a new challenge, we will be adding jeans to our lineup with the concept of ``cool leisure pants that you can play with to your heart''. These jeans have an elastic waistband, a sarouel-style loose fit around the waist, yet have a slim silhouette that makes you look slender, and are made from selvedge denim, making them the magic jeans you've never seen before.
We would like everyone to try on the clothes, so we have samples and a fitting room waiting for you.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of JETMINMIN. Our clandestine garage band, which usually performs as "THE MINMINJET," has changed its name to "THE 15s/The Fifteens" this year only, and will be exhibiting original T-shirts at this pop-up. Quantities are limited so hurry!


Saturday, March 30th 12:00⇨19:00
Sunday, March 31st 11:00⇨17:00

2-18-16 SP Building 2F, Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
2F of Mr Friendly Cafe

Inquiry phone number 090-2307-2705

*Everyone who makes a purchase on the day will receive a limited edition "BAGMAN!!" badge.
*All displayed items are scheduled to be sold, but please note that some items may be shipped at a later date.
*There are no special restrictions for buyers, press (B), and the general public (C), so if you are B, please contact JETTT or MINMIN on the day of the event, or make an appointment in advance.
*You are free to take photos at the venue. Please feel free to take selfies or photos. I would be happy if you could upload the photos you took to SNS with #JETMINMIN .

I know you will be busy due to the new year, but please come and visit us. We look forward to.


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