Introducing DART->

JETMINMIN balloon! If the tote " BALLOOON! " is our flagship, this DART→ tote " DART→ " is a cruiser. A tote bag that exhibits mobility like a cruiser.

The main material is Japanese polyethylene sheet. This is used as a cover for building materials. Unlike cheap sheets made overseas, the material has a sense of stability, and the elegant glossy appearance makes it a great tote bag.
The manufacturing method we devised to create a low-priced tote is very simple, but the fewer seams make it more effective at preventing rain and sand from entering.
The lip (the entrance part of the tote) has been carefully designed to give sufficient strength to the relatively delicate material, and by combining slightly thick Enshu polypropylene tape with careful sewing, it is cheap. We are dispelling this image.
This tote has a button and elastic band on the lip so that it can be folded up and used as an eco bag. This rubber band can also be used to keep your mouth closed while shopping at the supermarket.

We have a variety of sizes, so please take a look at our website . The price range is just right for a small gift.
This tote bag can be used at the beach, on vacation, for children's events, when shopping at the supermarket, or as a sub-bag by folding it up into a small size.

JPY4500+TAX ~

emperor's millefeuille
Mille-feuille is not about the process, but about the process.

The sewing of the lip (opening of the tote) of the "DART->" that I introduced earlier is completed in three steps.
First, wrap the edges of the main body of the polyethylene sheet. This doubles the thin sheet and increases its strength.
Next is the work of attaching polypropylene tape. This tape is not just a decoration, but also has the role of dispersing the power from the handle over the entire lip instead of in one place.
The final step is to sew the handle. This method increases the strength by making the handle attachment point considerably thicker with 3 layers of polypropylene tape and 2 layers of polyethylene sheets, and also makes the lip structure three-dimensional, giving a sense of luxury to a cheap tote. I am successful in giving.
JETMINMIN's unique manufacturing method, which improves strength and quality with each step, is the most distinctive feature of "DART->".
``Form follows function'' is a saying from the modern design school ``BAUHAUS,'' which once trained many famous creators, and we, too, are repeating trial and error every day to put Bauhaus theory into practice. Masu.



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