met a textile man

Jetminmin is always full of self-confidence, but he is treated very coldly by the local Hamamatsu fabric maker. Even though I said that I have supplied olive fabrics to the Self-Defense Forces, I was not shown such fabrics. I was led to a warehouse where B rolls were placed in a jumbled manner, and I was left to ask if there was anything I could find. I feel like no matter where I go, I won't be able to deal with anyone at all.

However, since we are a brand in Hamamatsu, which is famous for producing fabrics, we want to make tote bags using Hamamatsu fabrics.
However, such thoughts did not reach Hamamatsu's fabric makers, and they continued to struggle. I was told that the only fabric I liked, the greige "Hamamatsu Canvas", was going to close down, so I decided to stop using Hamamatsu fabric and switch to other fabrics made in Japan. rice field.

Until I met Textile Man.

When I started collecting fabric samples from various fabric manufacturers in Japan that could be used for JETMINMIN's flagship tote, BALLOOON!, I happened to find fabric from a local fabric manufacturer in Hamamatsu.
It was an organic cotton fabric and we asked for a sample book without much expectation.
Can I go to the atelier then?
What? He's a rare guy, well, there's no reason to refuse, so I thought it would be fine if I could get him home right away.
Then that person will talk, talk. You can tell that he loves fabrics, while warming the inner corners of his eyes
I want to make interesting fabrics.
funny guy. A strange guy I haven't seen in a long time. straight. I don't know if he's an idiot or a genius who believes that he can do something innovative while ignoring this declining industry in Hamamatsu. We fell in love with the man who called himself a "textile man" and wanted to use his fabrics.
We are all tote bag idiots, so if we team up with this textile idiot, we might be the strongest idiot.
Positive textile idiot βœ–οΈ Positive tote bag idiot 🟰 Happy tote bag equation.
In the future, little by little, I think we will be able to release items using textile man's fabrics, so please look forward to it.

That textile idiot, no no, I flew with Koyama-kun @koyama.insta from textile man .
because i'm stupid

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