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"1967 / Ichikyuroku Nana"

The new denim tote "1967" is made from vintage selvedge denim released by the Italian military, cut without washing, then sewn and finished with one wash.
So, like old jeans, there will be about 2cm of twist from the top of the lip with the handle to the bottom with the gusset when laid flat. There is a difference of about 4cm between the front and back.
Also, the fabric itself shrinks by about 10%, so the jean patch that doesn't shrink even after washing feels like it's floating. For us, it's a funny "WE DID IT!!!!" feeling.

Made with a paper pattern that does not leave any excess fabric, A4 file size A simple denim tote.
With the exception of the small tag on the right side, there is no front or back design, so if you are bothered by the brown patch, you can use it with the patch facing your body.
I think this kind of simple tote with no pockets is the coolest thing to have.

1967 was the year of the large anti-Vietnam War rally in Washington, DC.

*Be careful of color fading and color transfer when using.

Size: mouth width 46 cm x height 27 cm, bottom 32 cm x 13.5 cm
Handle: 40 cm
Weight: 221g
material: Vintage selvedge cotton denim fabric released from the Italian military
8,500 yen + tax

*In-stock items: Ships in 3-4 days
*There are some errors in size and weight.
Designed & Handcrafted by JETMINMIN

Instagram → #TOTE_1967

*Because the fabric is released from the military, there may be scratches on the weave, but it is still used.
* All products are slightly aged by washing the finished product with other items. Overall, there may be wrinkles, kuttu feeling, thin stains and stains.
*Because JETMINMIN sews it himself, there may be slight differences in shape and dimensions depending on the item.
*Product specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.
*Please put it in the net when washing.

When it comes to products made from denim material, we wash and air-dry the finished product to blend it into the entire product or add a touch before delivering the finished product.
The shrinkage of the material and wrinkles from washing may make you feel that even though it's brand new, it's wrinkled and looks like a used item. Wrinkles naturally stretch and become familiar with the process of use. Thank you for your understanding.

In consideration of the environment, we wash with a small amount of laundry soap and dry naturally without using fabric softener.

No matter how sturdy it is, the fabric may wear out after long-term use, or it may tear or become unusable due to a pet playing with it or getting caught somewhere. We offer a paid repair service for cloth products so that you can use them for as long as possible while you like them. If you can send us an image of the damaged part by e-mail, we will give you an estimate for the repair. (Some products may be excluded/rejected depending on the degree of damage or if the fabric has exceeded its lifespan)

Cloth items require washing. Dirt that you don't normally care about absorbs sweat and moisture, causing bacteria to grow and adversely affect the fibers. If the weakened fabric is rubbed or caught on something, it is more likely to be torn or punctured. In order to continue using the product for as long as possible, it is important to wash it regularly and rotate some items so that you do not keep using the same product every day.
All JETMINMIN fabric products can be washed at home. When washing, use laundry detergent and wash by hand, or if using a washing machine, place in a laundry net and rinse thoroughly. Once the fabric smells, it is difficult to remove it, so avoid using scented fabric softeners. Please be sure to use cold or lukewarm water as using hot water or a dryer may cause the fabric to shrink. *Color may transfer, so please wash with similar colored items or separately from other items.