Introducing KAMIKAMI

This is the " KAMIKAMI " series of refill tissue covers, which has many repeat customers.

You can also use kitchen paper that is the same size as refill tissues.
It's a very simple cover, but there's one secret to it: the way it's sewn. Some of these types of covers are difficult to use, such as being troublesome to put in and take out, or a bunch of tissues coming out when there is about 1/3 left, but with this kami-kami, you can use up to the last one or two sheets neatly. It's easy to put in and take out. Not only is it simple, but it's also extremely durable, so it's machine washable and can be used for years without denting, making it a worthwhile investment.

This is the normal type of " kamikami " shape.
Another type of kakekami-kami is the one that has a loop on one side and can be hung on a hook.
" Ake Kamikami " has a zipper and can be carried in a bag, making it convenient for people with hay fever and hair and makeup artists.
The " Akekake Kamikami" comes with both a zipper and a hook loop, making it convenient to use in the car or in the campsite kitchen.
The pocket tissue-sized " Kamika Mini " can be kept in your makeup bag.
``Kamika Mini Mini'', which holds smaller pocket tissues for children, can prevent tissues from becoming mushy in the small pocket.

All of them have very simple designs, so they are popular among minimalists, and the specialty of the "Kamikami" series is that they can be placed near a TV without obstructing the view, and they do their job quietly. .
You can choose from each according to your usage.



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